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After having a studio in Ossett for 6 years, i decided to offer the more personal approach to tattooing, and now run a private tattoo studio, allowing me to spend more quality time with you, and more undesturbed time creating wonderful works of art on your skin.

I am based in DRIGHLINGTON WEST YORKSHIRE junc 27 off M62.

I work only by appointment, for tattooing and consultations. Although of course you are welcome to call in and have a chat to me anytime.

I can assure you that you get the best level of service. I am very passionate about my art as you will see from my many paintings and drawings on the walls of the studio and i believe that this enables me to offer to you the very best Tattoo your body deserves....


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Americana .... n wet pants !

Hey, last weekend was our annual trip to Newark to the AMERICANA show. Bikes, hotrods,bands and beer !! an ideal weekend ??? well you would think so...For the past few years the sun has shone its been glorious.... we set of on the bike with no waterproofs as the sun was out... half way down we got hit in the face with pouring rain and hail... and that pretty much continued all evening and night, put tent up in the rain, had bar b que in the rain, walked around in the rain... good job we were in good company and had beer :) woke up saturday and the weather was fine and sunny, Had a great rest of the weekend, the sun shone and my pants dried...... roll on next year ( note to self...take waterproofs).
Tracie x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

race for life

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported Chelsea, Kaitlin and myself in this years RACE FOR LIFE at temple newsome.

Every year i take part and this year, we all ran the race in memory of my mum, who passed away from cancer in 2009.

Again a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated at the studio :)

Tracie x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

summer ?????? are you sure ?

Hey guys,
INK IRON and HOTROD was a total success by 11.30 am we were full to capacity, it was a great day, unfortunatly the weather turned to rain in the afternoon, but it really didnt spoil the day. A huge thank you and well done to kevlin for sitting for 3 hours to have her forearm tattooed with another dead dolly !!! pics to follow.
So the next big doooo to look forward to is MODS and ROCKERS at piece hall in HALIFAX
6th JULY. This is an annual event that just grows every year, im not tattooing here but i am working n will be buzzing about so please say hi :)

Studio phone and internet is finally up and running 01132 102010
The studio is busy busy but im here to chat at anytime, so call in for a cuppa
Tracie x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hey Guys, Its show time ....

Sunday 12th JUNE at BATLEY FRONTIER is the INK IRON and HOTROD show.

Over 100 cars and 200 bikes are to attend what is shaping up to be a fantastic day out for all the family, tattooing , live bands, dancers, performers, kids entertainment and BEER !!!! what more could you want ??

£ 5.00 entry payable on the door kids under 12 free......opens at 10 am till 6pm........

Come and say hello ........

See you there

Tracie xx

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In't the weather grand ??!!

What a lovely month of sunshine we have had, great to see so many of you out and about showing off body art !

Its a great time of year to start on that new tattoo project.

We are well settled in our new studio although we are having phone and internet probs.... bare with us im hoping it will all be settled soon.......

If you are having probs getting thru face book me or contact on my mobile please.

Come see the new studio ..... its well posh !

A quick reminder too of 12th June INK IRON and HOT ROD show at the FRONTIER batley..... call n see me for more information.

fingers crossed for more sunshine

Tracie x

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hi Guys, All of you who visit me at my studio, have realised just how busy we are becoming.... which is a good thing of course... ( dont stop coming !) but to be honest im growing out of home, i even have a drawing board in my bedrom :s So John and i have decide to move ...again... only 700 yards away from where i am now so not far but it just gives me a bit more space. We have taken over the property now and am hoping to re open in a couple of weeks, i will ring everyone already booked in and let you know where your appointment will be. So although the place has changed everything else will be the same..... i will still be slightly mad and un organised, John will be grumpy and hairy and Chelsea will be making the cuppas..... see you all soon Tracie x

Friday, 18 February 2011

Back to the Rain ....

We had a fantastic weekend away in Spain with our 30 friends!
it was the best tonic i could have asked for.... although we both feel like we could sleep for a week now!

But no chance..... busy busy :)
The Studio is open as usual Tuesday to Saturday call anytime for an appointment or consultation, look forward to hearing from you soon .Tracie x